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Siding materials

There are several materials that can be used for siding, such as Vinyl, Aluminum, wood, steel, stone, cedar, fiber, Asphalt, metal, cement and stucco. Composite materials are also derived from a combination of some materials. Siding, basically, is a cladding on the walls that covers and protects the exterior of a home.

Siding styles

There are different styles of siding such as:

  1. Panel siding
  2. Shingle siding (shakes)
  3. Vertical siding
  4. Clapboard siding (lap style)

Functions of siding

Siding protects a house against weather elements such as wind, rain, heat and snow, as well as other forms of precipitation. It’s important for the residents of Burnaby to use siding to protect their homes from harsh weather conditions. It's the best addition for basement finishing near Bradford or another city.

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Another purpose of siding is the overall beauty that it adds to a house. This is because it constitutes a greater part of a house’ exterior, and influences the appearance of a home.

It is quite vital for one to use the services of a contractor with expertise in the installation of the specific type of siding needed. This ensures that the house remains beautiful and safe.

What to consider before choosing siding materials

  • Durability – To avoid spending too much on maintenance, one should go for siding material that is durable. The durability of a material can be compromised by insects and rots that come due to poor water resistance levels. Generally, hard materials like stone are more durable, thus having a longer life span.
  • Price – Siding construction is not a cheap venture, as it may cost one up to $5000 - $50000, depending on what’s needed. To get siding material that is affordable and efficient, contact siding contractors in Vancouver and Burnaby for expert advice, our address is 950 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1P5
  • Energy efficiency – Getting siding material with high levels of energy efficiency makes the siding more effective. The R-Value of a material is the best way to know its level of energy efficiency. For example, Vinyl has R-Value of 2.0 – 3.0
  • Aesthetics – Siding not only protects a house, but it also influences the beauty of the house. The color and texture of the siding determine a great deal how the house will appear. Vinyl popularity can be attributed to its cost-effectiveness and variety of colors, making it quite decorative in nature.
  • Water resistance – Water resistance is an important factor when looking for siding material. Water resistant materials do not rot, thus can remain strong and last long. This helps in reducing the costs of replacing your siding every now and then.
  • Versatility – Different house designs and structures need different siding materials and styles. Siding contractors know exactly which siding can do well with which design. For instance, not all siding materials agree with the structure of a Victorian house, which is why expert advice is necessary.
  • Green siding – Most homeowners nowadays prefer to go green, as it’s healthier, safer, and more cost-effective. Fiber-cement, for example, is very durable and does not need frequent repairs.

How to choose the best siding contractor

In order to get the best contractor, one must decide on the siding material and the type of siding to use. Expert advice can be employed when in doubt, but there is a lot of information on siding that one can refer to. The choice of material is influenced by one’s taste, budget and location.

After being familiar with the siding needed, one should seek recommendations from both personal and professional contacts on the choice of a contractor.

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